The World Happiness Report for 2017 has listed 10 African cities as the happiest on the continent for 2017.

The ranking was based on their respective country index, GDP per capita, average life expectancy, trust in governance, freedom of speech and making choices, citizens ability to hold governments accountable, social support, and generosity.

Below are the top 10 happiest cities in Africa according to the World Happiness Report for 2017

Oran, Algeria

Port Louis, Mauritius

Tripoli, Libya

Fez, Morocco

Durban, South Africa

Tunis, Tunisia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cairo, Egypt

Enugu, Nigeria

Freetown, Sierra Leone

The World Happiness Report was first released in 2012, and ever since, it has given us annual global happiness reports that have included Africa. International Day of Happiness is now celebrated worldwide on March 20.