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Security Ghana to join few African countries to procure helicopters and drones for police

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The West African country Ghana has hinted of intentions to provide helicopters and drones to its law enforcement institution to aid them in their crime combating operations.

Despite being expensive, coupled with high maintenance cost and risky to operate, the Ghanaian government is allocating some $180 million(GH¢ 800million) to procure those items.

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In his 2018 State of the Nation Address, President Akufo-Addo said the government is committed to resourcing the police with the necessary equipment to ensure that it carries out its mandate of enforcing law and order in the country.

“The police, the prosecution services and the judiciary owe it to all of us to make us feel and be safe. I do not need to repeat that crime wears no political colours, and I am certain that message has gone down to all…The law enforcement agencies will crack down very hard on all those who would disturb the peace of our nation…We will give the Police the resources they need to do their job,” Akufo-Addo said.

An initial amount of GH¢800 million is being made available to procure and supply, within the next six months, critical, modern policing equipment and gadgets to enhance the capacity of the police to enforce law and order… In the medium to long-term, we will purchase drones and helicopters to assist the police combat violent and environmental crime. The crime laboratories will be modernized, and properly equipped to provide the necessary support,” he added.

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If the security equipment is successfully procured, Ghana will join the few African countries that have Police Air Wings including South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

South Africa is reported to have the most efficient Police Air Wing while the other countries struggle to maintain them due to inadequate helicopters and other equipment.