10 most valuable teams that would be playing in Russia 2018 World Cup

This estimated is based on the combined value of all players in the team.

According to football players’ transfer market portal, Transfermarket, the worth of a country’s team is estimated by the combined market value of all players that constituted the team. For instance, the Brazilian team is the most valuable team in the world with €673.50 million market value for all its teams.

More so, the nature and country of players’ clubs were noted as major factor influence the total value of the team.

Here are 10 most valuable football that would be participating in the Russia World Cup.

1.    Brazil - € 673.50 million

The Samba boys of Brazil was estimated at a market value of € 673.50 million. This is due to the fact that 88.0% of the team play in a foreign club.

Also, the market value of Neymar only is €150 million.

2.    Germany - € 636.50 million

The combined market value of the German football team was estimated € 636.50 million. Also, it is 41.7% of the team that plays in a foreign club other than Bundesliga.

Leroy Sane is noted as the most valuable player (€50 million) in the German team.

3.    France - € 636.50 million

The Blue of France was estimated at € 636.50 million. 58.3% of the country’s team player play in foreign clubs. The team’s most expensive player is Paul Pogba who was signed for € 110 million by Barcelona FC.

4.    Spain - € 603.50 million

The total value of the Spanish football team was estimated at € 603.50 million. Also, 41.7% of the team is playing out of the La Liga.

Morata is the team’s most expensive player with a market value of €30 million.

5.    Argentina - € 528.50 million

The Argentinian team has a total market value of € 528.50 million. In the team, the most expensive player is Lionel Messi with a current market value of €130.5million.

84.6% of the team plays out the South American country.

6.    Belgium - € 503.75 million

Belgium football team has a combined market value of € 503.75 million. It is interesting that 92.3% of the team plays in soccer leagues of other European countries.

Eden Hazard is the most expensive player in the team with a market value of € 75 million.

7.    England - € 339.00 million

The estimated market value of the three Lions was estimated at € 339.00 million. In addition, only 4.3% of the team plays outside of England.

8.    Croatia - € 294.75 million

The Croatian team would be playing in Group D at the World Cup and was estimated at € 294.75 million. At present, 87.0% of the team plays in football clubs outside of the country.

9.    Portugal - € 279.05 million

The Portuguese team will be led by Cristiano Roland, and it was estimated at € 279.05 million  market value. Furthermore,70.8% of the players are playing in clubs out of Portugal.

The most expensive player in the team is Cristiano Ronaldo with a current value of €130.5million.

10.    Poland - € 220.33 million

The Poland team is estimated at € 220.33 million. Also, 64.3% of the team players are members of clubs in other European countries.


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