Ghana moves up six places in the latest anti-money laundering, terrorist financing rankings

Ghana has gone up six places in the latest anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rankings.


The West African country is therefore 60th in the 2019 anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rankings.

This is according to the latest Anti Money Laundering Index put together by the Swiss Basel Institute of Governance. 

Ghana scored 5.29 in 2019 compared to 5.32 in 2018.

Details of the rankings and interpretation


A country is said to be doing well if it is closer to 1. However, if it gets closer to 10 then it means that it is not doing that well. The score range is between 1-10.

The best-performing countries show a near-zero risk level, in this domain countries are ranked from highest to the lowest level of risk. 

The change column reflects the comparison of 2018 and 2019 results. Negative scores identify progress made (lower risks for the country) and positive scores demonstrate an increase in ML/TF risks.

It ranked countries on five domains

1. Quality of AML/CFT Framework


2. Bribery and Corruption

3. Financial Transparency and Standards

4. Public Transparency and Accountability

5. Legal and Political Risks

How are the rankings measured?


The Basel AML Index measures the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing activities. It does not measure the actual amount of money laundering or terrorist financing activity.

Data collection for the 2019 Public Edition of the Basel AML Index was finished in June 2019. 

The Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index is an independent annual ranking that assesses the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) around the world.

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