5 healthy foods to include in your Ramadan food timetable

It’s essential that we eat the right things to stay hydrated and energized the whole month of Ramadan.

  • It’s essential that we eat the right things to stay hydrated and energized the whole month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is meant to refresh the soul and body, hence the need to watch what you eat and focus on foods that benefits your body and mind throughout the 30-days fast.

Eating fried food, especially at Ifthar, leaves you feeling bloated while having a quick and unhealthy Suhur keeps you thirsty throughout 13-hour fast break from consuming anything.

Here is a list of foods you should include in your Ramadan meal timetable:



One great meal for Ifthar is a meal with fish. Fish is high in protein, iron, vitamin D and omega 3 and enjoying a meal with fish can even improve your quality of sleep – great for Ifthar. Enjoy the fish with rice, potatoes or vegetables for an easy to digest meal.


Eggs have always been a good source of vitamins and all those vitamins are some of the important ones you need as you commence this year’s Ramadan.

Eggs contain protein and vitamins A, D, E B6 and B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. A meal of eggs - preferably scrambled or boiled eggs - with toast or bread will be a great meal to start your Suhur.


According to a report by Muslim Hands UK, a protein-packed Suhur is essential to keep you going throughout the day.


Rice comes naturally as one of the healthy meal needed for you to have a wonderful Ramadan. This meal is an easily digestible food which helps to stimulate digestion and also regulate your blood sugar levels.

You can stick to Ofada rice or brown rice. Ofada rice is a good source of essential minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, and folate, which nurture your bones and gives you energy. Due to the presence of vitamins A, C, and E, Ofada rice makes the body immune to certain diseases.

The meal can be served with cowhide (ponmo), meat or fish for Ifthar after a considerable amount of healthy fruits have been consumed.


Moi Moi

Moi-Moi is a popular food in Nigeria, it could be eaten alone or eaten alongside rice, pap and several other foods. Its protein value is good for either Iftar or Suhur.


The Asian or healthy-styled salad is also one good meal you should try this Ramadan. This salad serves as the perfect light meal, full of protein and veggies with a simple sesame vinaigrette. The meal takes you through the night during Iftar as you wake up lighter to have some not too heavy carbohydrate for Suhur.


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