The government of Ghana is supporting the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) with $4.5 million as it gets the opportunity to host the event for 3 consecutive years.

Ghana’s Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Catherine Afeku, said in an interview that “Government is supporting the event with $4.5 million for the three years but for this year, we are spending $ 700,000.”

According to the Minister, AFRIMA will give Ghana the opportunity to boost its tourism and creative arts.

This explanation has not gone down well with many Ghanaians who believe that the government could have used the money for other developmental projects.

Here are other things the government could have used the money for.

1. Defray some of its debt

The Bank of Ghana (BoG)’s latest summary of economic figures indicates that the country’s total debt stock has reached GHc170.8 billion. The over $4 million can be used to pay off some of Ghana’s debt.

2. Solve issues of dumsor

The Energy Minister, John Peter Amewu has failed to admit that the times of erratic power supply which is popularly referred to as dumsor is back. Meanwhile, Ghanaians in recent times have been experiencing dumsor. The government could have used the money to help solve the power supply issues

3. Invest in Free SHS

In the 2017/2018 academic year alone the government spent over $11 million on the Free SHS policy. It is estimated that the government will spend more in subsequent academic years as the number of students increases. Development of infrastructure is also needed to ensure the students have access to quality education.

4. Invest in the education sector

The education sector has a lot of challenges. These include inadequate infrastructure, remuneration of teachers, schools under trees, among others. This money could have been used to help boost the education sector in general.

5. 1 constituency; 1 million dollars

During the campaign ahead of the 2016 election, now President Nana Akufo-Addo as part of its campaign promises said the government will give each constituency a million dollars. The government is yet to start implementing the policy but $4.5 million will settle 4 constituencies. When we add $500,000 another constituency can benefit.

6. More ambulance for the country

The average cost of a State-of-the-art ambulance is $102,000. This means the government of Ghana can purchase about 44 ambulances to help support the National Ambulance Service.

7. Affordable housing units

A three-room affordable housing unit costs, averagely, $12,000. This money can provide 375 affordable housing units for Ghanaians.