Most countries in the world drive on the right side of the road — but here's why Ghana drives on the left

Why do some countries drive on the left side of the road? Most of the world drives on the right side of the road. But around 76 countries and territories use left-hand traffic.


A large proportion of accidents in the world happen for this reason, as a lot of people patronise car hiring services as the way to navigate a foreign country.

This practice history says originated from ancient Rome which was used to help defend against enemy attacks.

The fighters of ancient Rome controlled their carts and chariots with the left hand so as to handle weapons with their right hand. The act lived into medieval Europe.

Although post revolution France favored the right, the British government made left-hand traffic their law.

French top fighter Napoleon was left-handed, and riding on the right was a tough military tactic challenge.

Britain and France brought their driving styles to their respective colonies. That's why Ghana; a former British colony is among the few modern left-hand-traffic countries.

In the US, right-hand traffic goes back to the 18th century. Freight wagons were pulled by teams of horses. and the drivers rode on the left rear horse, using their right hand to more easily control the team. Traffic shifted to the right so drivers could easily avoid collisions.

Currently, a lot of countries have switched to the right to fit in with their neighbours.


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