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Water Crisis Cape Town wont have water by March 2018-Here is why

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The city, penned in by two oceans, is in the grip of a widespread water crisis. Usable water left in dams is at 26.7%.

play The situation is almost too desperate for the irony to be lost on Cape Town residents. (Jon Kerrin Photography)

South African city; Cape Town has its water crisis nearing disaster levels, as usable water left in dams is at a scary 26.7%.

If it does not rain and water consumption is not reduced in Cape Town, then the city will run out of water in March 2018.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille recently revealed the city's three-phase critical water shortages plan.

"If consumption is not reduced to the required levels of 500 million litres of collective use per day, we are looking at about March 2018 when the supply of municipal water would not be available," she said.

The first phase, which sees extreme tap pressure reduction, is underway. This will also see some areas in the city facing water supply disruptions for a short period of time.

The second phase will see residents collecting a predefined quantity of drinking water per person per day from collection points.

The third phase, which will pronounce extreme disaster, will be when the city is no longer able to draw water from dams, and there will be a limited time to supply water before a complete water system failure.

You can read a more detailed plan of the city's disaster plan here.