10 African countries with the lowest unemployment rate in 2024

Unemploment is still a huge problem in Africa, and it's not just mere statistics, it is about real people facing real life challenges.

10 African countries with the lowest unemployment rate in 2024
  • Business Insider Africa presents 10 African countries with the lowest unemployment rate.
  • Niger leads with the lowest unemployment rate at 0.49%.
  • The list is courtesy of Statista.

In an earlier report, Business Insider Africa stated that despite the implementation of several initiatives by African governments to combat the issue, their impact has been limited amidst a ballooning population. The severity of the problem even led African leaders to adopt a seven-point declaration in Dar es Salaam last year to tackle unemployment.

Both big and small countries on the conitnet is being hit by the unemployment problem. For example, South Africa recorded an unemployment rate of 32.1%, making it the country with the highest unemployment rate on the continent. Djibouti and Eswatini follow closely, with unemployment rates reaching about 28 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively.

While unemployment largely remains a challenge, some countries have made considerable steps in curbing it, according to Statista.


For some countries the encouraging shift can be attributed to various factors, including economic reforms, increased investments in key sectors, and the emergence of new opportunities.

Having low unemployment rates in certain African countries brings about several positive impacts that ripple across their economies. When more people have jobs, they spend more, feel improved consumer confidence, and create a higher demand for goods and services. This, in turn, helps the economy grow.

According to Statista, Niger leads with the lowest unemployment rate at 0.49%, closely followed by Chad and Benin at 0.98% and 1.28%, respectively.

Rank Country Unemployment rate
1 Niger 0.49%
2 Burundi 0.98%
3 Chad 1.28%
4 Benin 1.58%
5 Madagascar 2.07%
6 Côte d'Ivoire 2.61%
7 Tanzania 2.92%
8 Mali 2.94%
9 Senegal 3.34%
10 Liberia 3.56%



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