Financial freedom in 2024: Easy strategies to boost your bank account

January hits, and boom – we're all feeling the holiday-spending aftermath. Empty pockets, bills piling up – classic.

Old Mutual Ghana urges all to turn resolutions into actions in 2024

But fear not, folks! Tavona Biza, the big cheese at Old Mutual Ghana, spills the beans on five no-nonsense financial resolutions that can turn your 2024 into a money breeze. Let's dive in!

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: The Power of Fewer Resolutions

Tavona says ditch the lengthy lists of resolutions that make your head spin. Keep it simple! First up, cut down on spending and up your savings game. Use the 50:30:20 budget – needs, wants, savings – and tweak it as needed. It's like a financial GPS for your year. Track your spending, and voila – financial wizardry!

Cut the Small Stuff, Boost Your Bucks


Biza's next gem – slash those tiny expenses. That daily GH¢20 coffee? Adds up to GH¢7,300 a year! Small leaks sink big ships, people. Identify, nix, save. It's like a financial decluttering – make Marie Kondo proud!

Debt Drama: Spend Less, Save More

Resolution three – be Sherlock with your spending patterns. Trim where you can, chuck unnecessary cards, ditch debt drama. No more swiping for fun – stick to a plan. Wants vs. needs – recognize the difference. Luxury on installment plans? Not cool. Save up, watch the desire fade. Plus, avoid fishy investment schemes. Stick with the pros for financial glory!

Bank on a Pro: The Ultimate Game-Changer

Last but not least – get yourself a financial fairy godparent. From your first job to retirement, a trusted financial adviser is gold. They'll guide you through savings, investments, and long-term plans. Tavona's golden rule – turn those resolutions into action pronto. Let's make 2024 the year of financial swagger! 💰🚀



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