How Ghana’s 1GB mobile data plan compares to other African countries

In today's digital age, access to the internet is crucial, and the cost of mobile data plays a significant role in determining this access.

Telecommunications networks in Ghana

The 2024 Digital Report survey across various African countries has revealed some interesting statistics regarding the cost of 1GB of mobile data.

Remarkably, Ghana stands out with one of the most affordable rates, priced at just $0.10 per 1GB, aligning closely with some of the lowest rates on the continent.

Ghana in Comparison with Other African Nations

Ghana's pricing for 1GB of mobile data is competitively low, especially when compared to other African nations. This affordability is crucial in a country where mobile internet access is a key driver of socio-economic development. Let’s compare Ghana’s rates with those of other countries:


Egypt: Known for its substantial investments in telecommunications infrastructure, Egypt offers 1GB of data at $0.46. While more expensive than Ghana, Egypt’s data plans are still reasonably priced, catering to a large and diverse user base.

Kenya: At $0.18 for 1GB, Kenya’s mobile data pricing is slightly higher than Ghana’s but still remains among the most affordable in Africa. Kenya’s focus on enhancing digital accessibility has been a key factor in achieving these rates.

Nigeria: Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, offers 1GB of data at $0.13. This pricing reflects the country's competitive telecom market and its commitment to digital inclusion.

South Africa: Matching Ghana's price, South Africa also offers 1GB of data at $0.10. This rate is particularly noteworthy given South Africa's advanced telecommunications infrastructure and higher living costs compared to other African countries.


The Impact of Affordable Data in Ghana

The low cost of mobile data in Ghana has significant implications. It facilitates greater internet penetration, especially in rural and underserved areas, and supports various digital initiatives in education, health, and commerce.

Affordable data rates have also been instrumental in nurturing a burgeoning tech startup ecosystem in Ghana, propelling innovation and digital entrepreneurship.


Ghana's position as one of the countries offering the cheapest 1GB mobile data plans in Africa is a testament to its commitment to digital accessibility and technological advancement.


This pricing strategy not only benefits consumers but also fosters a conducive environment for digital innovation and inclusivity.

As African nations continue to advance in the digital realm, the role of affordable internet access remains paramount in shaping their digital future.



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