St. Peters Senior High School are winnners of the 2018

Resourceful and quick-witted St. Peters’s SHS set the place on fire at the fifth round to win with 45points at the end of the contest.

First timers West African SHS almost won the quiz but was headshot at the finish line.  They almost set the status quo for their school if they had won the quiz. They scored 44 points at the End of the contest.

Adisadel College tipped to win lacked precision at round 4 which led to their loss. They scored 39points at the end of the contest.

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End of Contest

St. Peter's SHS: 45 pts

West Africa SHS: 44pts

Adisadel College: 39pts

End of Round 4

West Africa SHS: 41pts

St. Peter's SHS: 39pts

Adisadel College: 36pts

Problem of the Day

St. Peter's SHS: 04pts

Adisadel College: 04pts

West Africa SHS: 03pts

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End of round 2

Adisadel College: 25pts

St. Peter's SHS: 22pts

West Africa SHS: 22pts

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End of Round 1

Adisadel College: 22pts

St. Peter's SHS: 21pts

West Africa SHS: 17pts