Here's what your lecturer never told you about your degree

If you completed university recently, having the right people to inform you of things will be the best for you.

The fear of the unknown world out there mixed with the excitement of taking that first leap can be a daunting experience for a lot of people.

However, most people do not get it.

If you did not get any such advise, this article would be a helpful to save you from destruction and uncertainty after you have completed university.

Not absolute destruction, but at least you won't make the wrong choices.

1. Having the degree is your first step

Holding a degree in hand is just what gets you through the door having practical in-depth knowledge will fare you well over the degree. If you have the best degree yet cannot perform you would be shown the door.

2. Internships are critical

If you are still unsure of your on location skills when finding yourself a company ready and willing to accept interns. Work with them for as long and gain the right experience to further your own career.

3. Know people

Your roommates, church mate, course mate, girlfriend’s friend and any other individual you meet to network, get to know the movers and the shakers of the game and you might not know where your potential fix will come from.

These steps may be small and simple but they will make great impact.

You may have expected some special guideline to success but in actual fact, it is the basic things you do which makes the greatest impact.


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