AreThe Beautyful Ones Yet Born?

Books serves as repository to preserve our rich culture and history. And to this, the book written by Ayi Kwei Armah has played its part in serving our future generation. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, is a gem that everyone needs to read. Finish and find new perspectives from our review, Are the beautyful ones yet born?


‘The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born’





The scenes/settings are depicted in raw, strong languages and would be advisable that a minor reads with guidance.This nameless name struggles to come to terms with then reality of the post-independence Ghana. The man lives a life of poverty despite abuse from his wife, mother-in-law and others because he refuses to indulge in corruption.

Other notable characters is his friend, the teacher. Who having come to terms with the impossibility of being morally upright and at the same time taking care of his family. To keep his sanity, he runs away to be alone. As much as he hates corruption he has come to terms that society would never rid itself of it.


Then there is Koomson, the man’s friend, who depicts the character of a corrupt official. As Ghana’s new leaders, they prove to be worse than the colonial masters. They indulge in the countries resources with no intention of giving back to the country. These men like Koomsom live a luxurious life portraying European lifestyles with their ill amassed wealth.

Also is his wife and her mother, who despise him for his choices. They in their eagerness to life the ‘good life’ are willing to throw away their consciousness and they don’t hesitate to make the man miserable.

Lessons from the book.

In the book the man helps his friend Koomson to escape when there’s a military takeover. Koomson escapes the country through a toilet bucket hole full of faeces. The man also follows his friend through this appalling gateway. This tells us that even those not involved in corruption are affected by it.


When the military coup occurs, there seem to be hope for the country to be run right. But no, these military officers also join in the loot of the country’s resources. Here again it teaches us an important lesson about human behaviour. How people see and act differently when they are outside the circle. Also shows how misguided it will be to put your hopes n any other than yourself and expect them to act right.

This book shows how society was very biased in treating people. The bus conductor is abusive to the man because he appears poor and when the bread seller says “a big man like you has no girls…? People are treated based on how they appear and not their substance. Another example is when a corrupt government official is arrested, people are sad and call him a good man whilst they curse the person who reported him. Where people hail the rich in society without knowing or knowing when their source of wealth is evil.

Also depicts how staying on the narrow path can lead to alienation even from one’s own family. When in the family settings priorities will bet set by the outside influence of society.

Are the beautiful ones yet born?


Ugliness has not only taken over their surroundings but their very souls. This ugliness unfortunately is still in a lot of African countries. Where the fight against corruption still rages as beau racy is still in full force. Are the beautiful ones yet born? No. They are yet to be.

The hope which was to be found in the military men from the book, is still being sort for in opposing parties. There they make promises and appear as the answer to the prayers of the masses. Yet when given power tend to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

To eradicate the ugliness in our society, we must first change our mind sets, believes, perceptions and attitudes. To prepare the way for the beautiful ones to be born.


I would rate this book 9/10



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