Kumasi has watch-and-dine cinema, Accra what you got?

In Greater Accra, there are 3 major malls. However, Kumasi has just one. Irrespective of the number of malls, quality will always be appreciated over quantity.

The malls in Accra has eateries, play area for kids, cinemas and many more.

The Kumasi mall had similar things except for a cinema.

But worry not Kumasi, taking the lead does not mean you are the best.


Yes! the people of Accra thought they had it all but here comes the good part.

From February 10, 2018, the Kumasi City Mall, will be the first ever in Ghana to have a world-class ‘Watch-and-Dine’ Cinema!

This is four days before valentine. Strategic isn’t it?

Lovers will feed each other as they watch movies. The romantic level will be high in the first week of the cinema’s existence.


But do you know what revellers of the malls in Accra will be doing? They will only be eating or watching movies with popcorn and coke. Now, which of the cities will you want to be in? Kumasi for me, I guess it is same for you.

Let me whet your appetite a little more. The ‘Watch-and-Dine’ Cinema concept is seen as a novelty worldwide and has the feeling of the comfort and cosiness of a plush movie theatre.

The four executive state-of-the-art movie theatres are all fitted with deluxe furnishing and superior acoustics and image projection.

The Managing Director of W&D Cinema Limited Osei Agyemang-Duah said:


“What we have here at KCM is an uncommon concept even in the advanced countries. It is the best anyone can get of two worlds – a movie theatre and a restaurant - rolled into one. KCM’s ‘Watch and Dine’ happens to be the first of its kind in West Africa and is already ranked as the 13th on the list of highly rated cinemas around the world!”

The Kumasi City Mall’s “Watch-and-Dine” is so classy and up to scratch that it has already been rated among cinema heavyweights like the AMC Dine - in the United States, the Odeon Lounge in the United Kingdom and the Nu Metro Cinema in South Africa.

The Cinema has four screens and a total of 330 seats, comprising 30 seats in a VVIP theatre, 56 Seats in a VIP and two standard theatres, with seating capacities of 137 and 107 respectively while the restaurant offers a lip-smacking variety of continental and local fast-foods. All four theatres operate seat reservation schedules for customers.

Wompe wei a wope dien? (If you don’t want this what do you want?). People of Accra now there is a new heavyweight in town and it is obviously not you. It is Kumasi they have a “Watch and Dine” cinema. what do you have in your malls?

Maybe you don’t have to argue about this, you need to ask W&D Cinema Limited to create a “watch and dine” at the Achimota Mall since they have no cinema but rather some unoccupied stalls.


Please if you want to rebut, it’s ok. But I have a headache so be gentle.


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