Children below 10 years now crave alcohol due to adverts - FDA

The FDA recently banned the advertisement of alcoholic beverages on television before 8 pm in the evening. A decision the Food and Drugs Authority believes would essentially protect children.

James Lartey says the impact is very grave as some kids now crave for certain alcoholic beverages due to their repeated exposure to adverts of the product.

During an engagement with the media during a sensitisation event in Cape Coast, he said, "I remember I was on TV talking on this subject when a lady called into the show, and according to the lady, she has a three-year-old girl, and this girl can wake up in the morning and cry she wants a particular alcoholic beverage because of the advert."

He also said, "We know the effects of advertisements; if at the age of three a product is suggested to the mind of a child, when the child grows up, at a particular age, this child would like to explore what’s in that product, and that’s where it starts”.

James Lartey complained of the disregard of the directive by some media houses and its consequences to children. He said, "the situation where very young children have messages on alcoholic products deeply printed on their minds is worrying."


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