Nana Addo's appointees are cheap like 'kelewele' - A Plus

A Plus said this after news broke of President Akufo-Addo ordering for the arrest of Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kwesi Nyantakyi.

He said most of them are prone to corruption, which is a direct opposite of the President.

He made this claim and a host of others in a post on Facebook.


Check out what he wrote:

Kwasi Nyantakyi is only being sacrificed to cover up the 89/178 million dollars GVGKelni stinking scandal. Just about a year ago I accused Asenso of being corrupt. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is said to have also accused Uslar Owusu of being corrupt and accused alleged that people are charged huge sums of money before allowed to see the president. We were both invited by the CID. A year on, Imani Ghana is asking the same Uslar Owusu to resign because of some shady deals at the communication ministry and NCA. It is even suspected that this dodge deal is the reason why a board member has resigned and many who do not want to be implicated in any way will follow.It is also being reported that Kwasi Nyantakyi asked people to go and bribe the same Asenso so that he reminds the president of their deal. Out of 27 million people in Ghana, you think it's only Nyantakyi who knows how "cheap" Ghana is and who to bribe? We are only hearing about this one that has backfired. It is possible that some have gone through that we don't know of?

It is even possible that they went and paid. Who knows? Kwasi Nyantakyi according to reports financed by Nana Addo's campaign. He knows who he dealt with. He knows How It is done. That is why he is said to have told them what to do. The fact of the matter is that 90% of his campaign donations if any wouldn't get to Akuffo Addo. Somebody chopped it.The alleged corruption didn't begin at the Flagstaff house, it began before they won power. Kwasi Nyantakyi was in the house most of the time. He knows them. The five million, if not paid already, I suspect would have been paid to someone at the office of the president to be given to him which would have never gotten to him. You can not bribe Nana Addo. How dare you!!! As for his people, most of them are as cheap as kelewele and greedy. They dey chop pass the old man ein back nyafunyafu. Money just dey call them for their brain like trotro wey e dey run suhum Nsawam, Suhum Nsawam, m? k? Takwa, m? k? Takwa, suhum Nsawam, Suhum Nsawam.Nana let me give you a hint. Do you know that some of you appointees are spending as much as hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (one billion old Ghana cedis) on airline tickets to a single destination and back? Plane ticket from Ghana to say Korea and back-back alone cost hundred thousand Ghana Cedis. Just the plane ticket. We are really protecting the public purse!!!!


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