There is a weird 500-year-old tree located outside of Eutin, in Germany that has been unbelievably helping people to find their life partners even in this modern time of technology and online dating Apps.

All that is required of love seekers is to write a love letter and address it to the tree’s designated address and they are more likely to receive a reply from an equally love-thirsty person than not.

According to the BBC, the Bridegroom’s Oak currently receives around 40 letters every day and about 1000 a year.

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Spokesman for Deutsche Post is quoted by the BBC as saying: “The tree receives about 1,000 letters a year. Most come in the summertime. I suppose that’s when everyone wants to fall in love.”

72-year-old postman who delivers letters to the Bridegroom’s Oak said “There’s something so magical and romantic about it. On the internet, facts and questions match people, but at the tree, it’s a beautiful coincidence – like fate.”

500-year-old tree helps people find life partners

Wondering how the tree came into being and how it helps people find love? The story according to the BBC is that, the Bridegroom’s Oak has been in existence for the past 500 years, but only started gaining fame and helping love seekers about 100 years ago.

The BBC reported that it all began when a then young lady named Minna fell in love with a young chocolate maker named Wilhelm, but the girl’s father was opposed to their relationship and tried to stop them from seeing each other.

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However, the two lovebirds outsmarted the old man by resorting to dropping letters in a knothole in the tree for each other and that kept their love relationship alive.

Eventually, when the girl’s father got to know that he could no longer stand in the way of love, he gave them the green light to marry.

The two lovers then decided to apparently show appreciation to the tree by choosing to perform the marriage under the very tree that help keep their love relationship alive.

When news of the beautiful marriage spread to the other surrounding communities, people also started dropping love letters in the tree’s knothole and they got results.

The tree’s fame gradually grew and it is now so famous that people from all over Germany and from other countries address love letters to the Bridegroom’s Oak