About 400 employees of the defunct BEIGE bank are expected to be sacked as part of restructuring of the newly-established

Accra-based Citi FM reports that staff of the defunct bank are set to be relieved of their duties from Monday August 27, 2018.

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Also, tellers and other field service operators responsible for the collection of deposits are expected to be affected by the incoming dismissals.

The sacked staff have a two-week window to clear themselves and account for all the company assets.

All affected staff members have been asked to hand over all documents on all the accounts of their clients to the bank by September 7.

In all, a total of 490 staff members of the defunct BEIGE bank from all branches across the country will be affected.

BIEGE bank, together with the Construction, uniBank, Sovereign and Royal banks, have been merged by the Central Bank to form the Consolidated bank, following their insolvency.

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Meanwhile, all workers of the five defunct banks are to undergo a skills set by the end of next month to determine their stay or exit from the Consolidated bank.

Government has also assured that it will do its best to ensure that dismissed staff of the defunct banks are not left jobless.

“We could get some of the staff to set up a car rental company then we give them off to run this company; lease the cars back to this back and we rent the cars. We can do same with security and catering services… before you realise, you have set up maybe five or six indigenous Ghanaian own businesses of people who are providing services to the bank and we save some jobs,” deputy Finance Minister, Charles Adu Boahen recently explained.