Lawyer under attack for encouraging young ladies to go after rich married men

The unnamed lawyer only known on twitter as ‘The Mo’ is reported by as encouraging other young women to go after rich married men.

A young Nigerian lawyer is receiving hostile reactions on social media after not only writing on twitter that having sexual affair with married men is good, but also going ahead to list the benefits that are derived from it.

She is quoted as having written on twitter that, “If I start counting the advantages of dating a married man, somebody will come and insult my life. But if you know, yunno.

“The husbandPreferential treatmentLove and care from a married manNo stress.“Constant money in the accountNo” baby don’t go anywhere without informing me”Baby girl vacations for me and my girls all on his credit card.Emergency needs always met quickly.

“It’s bliss tbh especially if the married man is rich. Peace of mind. you’ll see the ones that’d buy house in your name sef.

“Oh, i forgot to add. They’ll always treat you like an egg that’s about to break. Once they sight a sad face whatever it is that is causing the sadness will disappear. Anything you want that can be bought with money will always be at your feet esp if he’s rich. No suffer-head life.”

The controversial post has got many people descending heavily on the lady with some even cursing her marriage if she does have one in the future.


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