Senior Minister - Ghana is heading for trouble if…

The Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo said Ghanaians must change their mindset and help the private sector develop or the country will heading for trouble.

The Senior Minister was speaking at the Ghana Economic Forum on Monday, August 7, 2017.

“In 2005 and when I was Minister of Education we had 8 total universities. Today as I speak we have about 20 universities in the public sector and about 75 private universities.”

“Ask yourself where will the product of these almost 100 universities go?”

Many university graduates after school look forward to being employed in the public or private sector.

But the Senior Minister said “the public sector is full. We may even have to lay some off.”

“They (university graduates) only find jobs if the private sector grows, if the private sector expands, if the private sector becomes prosperous.”

“If we do not get our mindsets in this direction, then we are heading for trouble as a country."

He attributed this to the fact that most universities are training less technical brains as compared to the humanities.

“Most people coming out of our universities are not technical brains. Most of them are in the humanities."

But he did not blame the universities entirely. He explained that it is expensive to train technical brains in the country.

“It is very expensive for the private sector to put up a credible technical university. So most of the private sectors go into the training of marketing, sociology, economics. Those subjects can be easily taught without expensive laboratories and workshops.”

He concluded by saying that Ghanaians need to change their mindset to help grow the economy.


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