Ghanaians are naturally liars - Kofi Wayo

He indicated that it is therefore not surprising that the politician goes about allegedly spewing propaganda and yet receives the praise of some Ghanaians as knowledgeable persons.

He said it is innate for the Ghanaian to spew lies on everything we do hence our current predicament.

Kofi Wayo said, "I found out that they are liars after dealing with both political parties. It is the culture though it is not their DNA but we are not sincere people and that is the culture. We have no ideology, we have no philosophy and the politicians have left the people to suffer so I go to the villages to help the people”.


He bemoaned the soliciting of money from politicians by the citizenry. "The problem I found is that everyone just wants free money to chop. If you don’t give them money they say this guy doesn’t have money.” he said.

Wayo was commenting on the number of promises politicians make to the electorate during electioneering campaigns.

“You don’t ask the good questions and they know that you [Ghanaians] are ignorant so they go ahead to lie and you praise them for lying to you because Ghanaians enjoy listening to lies”, he said.


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