Exactly a week after Ebony and 2 others died the heap of sand which allegedly caused the road accident has been cleared off the place.

When the accident occurred it was alleged that the accident could have been caused by a heap of sand in the middle of the road.

Media reports suggest that the driver of the vehicle conveying Ebony tried to avert a heap of sand in the middle of the road and in turn collided with a VIP bus.

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The VIP bus was reportedly coming along on top speed in the other lane and the heap of sand had turned the double-laned road into a single lane one.

A Twitter user by the handle Cedric Harding said he visited the accident scene where he could see Franky’s iPhone plus screen still at the accident scene.

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Franky Kuri is expected to be buried on March 3, 2018. Meanwhile, Ebony’s one-week commemoration will be done on Sunday, February 18, 2018.