6 warning signs to look out for before buying this Xmas

Products that have been exposed to direct sunlight have the tendency of going bad, though the expiry dates indicate otherwise.


As you continue to enjoy the season’s delicious goodness, the Food and Drugs Authority, FDA, in collaboration with, bring you six warning signs you should look out for before purchasing a product this Christmas.

1. Check the expiry date

You must be wary of expiry dates when purchasing products. Check out to see whether the package of the product is not defaced or expired before patronizing them. Watch out! If the date appears altered, desist from buying it. If the colour of a product looks different from what you usually know, don't buy it at all.

2. Don't patronize products exposed under direct sunlight


Products that have been exposed to direct sunlight have the tendency of going bad, though the expiry dates indicate otherwise. Don't patronize such products. Also, any sign of rusting on canned products should be avoided. There is a possibility that the rusting has affected the food product, which could lead to food poisoning.

3.  Avoid tinted canned products

In every canned food product, there is an inner layer, a particular material that is used to protect the food from having direct contact with the can. Thus, if the can is tinted, or it appears coiled in, there is a possibility that the inner layer is broken. Do not patronize such a food product, as it might have gone bad.

4. Bloated canned products should be avoided

When you notice any bloated canned food product at the shop, market or store near you, there is a high tendency that the item has gone bad. Thus, microbial substances are trying to force their way out of the can, and in the process, they expand the said canned product.


5. Don't patronize products that are not labeled in English

The labeling law in Ghana suggests that, all products in the market that is regulated by the FDA must be labeled in English. So, if you notice that the product you are about to purchase is labeled in Chinese, Arabic, and so on, without any English equivalent, it suggest that the product might have been smuggled into the country. Do not patronize such a product.

6. Be wary of products offered during promotional sales

During a lot of promotional sales, products are sold at reduced prices because there is a possibility that their expiry dates are due. You are advised to check the expiry date of such products and ensure that you can consume before the said date.


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