Authorities at Evergreen Health hospital in Kirkland, Washington shut down the hospital on Wednesday and called police into the facility after a visitor was seen with an object

According to, the hospital shared a notice on twitter warning its staff and clients to remain outside for the sake of their safety.

"To help keep our community safe, we are asking that all visitors avoid the area and remain outside of the hospital,” the hospital warned.

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The hospital’s representative, Kay Taylor reportedly told the media, "We're not sure what it is; we can't distinguish it on the videotape, but we took the highest level of concern which is an immediate lockdown."

The Kirkland police took the trouble to search every room in the facility to figure out if there was any possible assailant hiding in the room with the ‘weapon’.

They realized then that the said object was neither gun nor sword, but rather an umbrella designed in that form, after the said visitor saw his image on social media in relation to the scare and clarified the issue to the hospital and police.

The police later wrote on social media saying, "Thank you to all who helped with locating a reported suspicious male with a rifle. After a group effort it was determined to be an umbrella."

The hospital said "We took all necessary steps to exercise absolute caution to keep our patients, visitors, staff and community safe and we greatly appreciate the support of everyone to help ensure our campus was safe."