Stop complaining and solve corruption canker - Philip Langdon to Mahama

Philip Langdon stated that blaming the opposition for fueling corruption perception in Ghana will not solve the problem.


A leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Philip Langdon has advised the President to visibly deal with the issues of corruption for all to see.

He was of the view that citizens are not confident in the government to effectively fight corruption because measures which are purportedly been put in place are not yielding the expected results.

Speaking on Radio Gold over the weekend, Mr. Langdon remarked that “if you are doing all that you are doing but it is in the dark, who sees it? So if somebody comes out and accuses you of not doing anything about the problem, does that person not have a point?”

Last week, President John Mahama accused some political party leaders and sections of the media of distorting a Global Corruption barometer report published by by Transparency International, an anti-graft body.


The report survey the opinions of citizens in countries across the African continent on the fight against corruption over the past twelve months but some media reports suggested that Ghana has been ranked as the second most corrupt country in Africa.

Addressing the second high level conference on National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) in commemoration of International Anti-Corruption day, President Mahama said: “There was no ranking in that report and it is absolutely false that Ghana is the second most corrupt country in West Africa.”

“Despite all attempts by institutions that sponsored the report to correct this wrong interpretation, leading political figures have continued to spread this false impression. What can be the motivation for a section of our population to be so obsessed with trying to claim such an undignified title for ourselves at the expense of our nation’s dignity and our international image. I leave the matter to the consciences of such persons,” he added.

But Mr. Langdon believes it is high time the President began putting certain measures in place so that such perceptions do not come up again.

“It is important for those in charge and the powers that be to deal with this matter in such a way that everybody gets the satisfaction but if report in, report out; we hear about all manner of things…If people can’t see clearly what is being done but everybody remembers the colossal sums of money that were spent, monies that could not be accounted for; what other impressions do you expect people to have?” he asked.


He stressed that “this is not a matter of blaming the opposition or blaming somebody. The problem has come; let’s deal with it and face it.”

“The thing has come; whether it was the opposition that run with it or it was Bawumia that run with it, whoever run with it is irrelevant. No matter who run with it in Ghana, there are people out there who are going to read this report and it’s going to affect their decisions.”


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