Woman whose baby was decapitated during birthing after its head allegedly got stuck in the mother’s womb is unhappy about the

According to thesun.co.uk, doctors at Antonio Carlos Magalhaes Hospital (ACM) in Conceição do Jacuipe in Brazil said they had to cut off the baby’s head in order to save the life of the 28-year-old mother, Renata dos Santos.

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However, Renata believes a caesarian section would have saved both her life and that of the baby.

She told TV Subae that “I left home with contractions to have my son and returned home without him.

“I have all his clothes and crib ready and no baby in my arms… I have suffered so much.

“The treatment was brutal, and I still have the bruises on my body from the force the doctors used to try to get him out,” Renata lamented.

The disgruntled mother added that “I was woken by one of the nurses slapping me around the face telling me to wake up to help the doctors deliver my baby.”

“A doctor pushed my legs wide open and a nurse pressed down hard on my stomach. The pain was so bad I screamed in agony and begged for help.”

In the case of Reina Natalia Valazquez from Buenos Aires, Argentina who suffered a similar fate in the same December last year, The Sun reported that she asked doctors to perform a C-section when she went into labour prematurely at around 22 weeks pregnant.

Dr. Bruno Bittencourt Costa who operated on Renata said “The child’s shoulders got stuck with the body inside the womb and the head outside. He died after being deprived of oxygen and before we could get his mother into theatre.

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He added that the baby “weighed nearly 5kgs (11lbs) and this made it difficult to withdraw him normally.”

However, Renata and her family have attributed the incident to ineptitude on the part of the doctors.

Conceição do Jacuipe health secretary, Zenaildes Lisboa reportedly said an investigation has been initiated into the baby’s death and “the appropriate action” would be taken after the truth is unveiled.

He also assured that “We are giving Mrs. dos Santos and her family all the psychological help they need to support them through this trauma.”