The Central Regional branch of the Ghana National Association of Teacher (GNAT) has challenged a report published by the Department of Social Welfare claiming teachers have impregnated over 300 students.

In an interview with Accra-based Kasapa FM, Central Regional Secretary of GNAT, Boadu Abaidoo William said the research lacked some scientific analysis.

A report has it that over 300 students were impregnated by teachers in the Central Region

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He added that only 6 girls were impregnated by teachers.

“It lacks a certain level of scientific analysis to that effect. Last year when they raised this issue we also went back and did some analysis and it came out that out of 394 girls who got pregnant, 5 teachers were involved, One was a yogurt seller and they call him teacher because he was teaching that girl in the evening so the household calls him a teacher and because you can’t identify who’s a professional teacher and a national service person and the rest. As a professional body, there are regulations regulating our work, that is the condition service and code of conduct, this act is against the laws of this country and it’s criminal.”

He said this research has tarnished the reputation of teachers.

Meanwhile, the Regional Education Directorate has formed a committee to investigate claims by female SHS students that they’re being harassed by their teachers for sex in exchange for grades and monies.

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Female students of some Senior High Schools within the Assin area in the Central Region have alleged that some of the male teachers demand sex from them in exchange for grades and money.

Most of the students expressed disappointment in the male teachers who are engaged in such immoral and unethical behaviour.

The students are from Assin Manso SHS, Nyankomasi SHS, Obiri Yeboah SHS, Assin State College, and Assin North Community Day School.