Nation Builders Corps is a scam - NDC's Joshua Akamba

President Akufo-Addo launched the policy on May 1 and it is expected to create over 1 million jobs which will help curb the graduate unemployment in the country.

He said the jobs the new initiative will create not permanent jobs therefore it's not what the NPP promised.

“NABCO is a 419 agenda. It’s a scam because the NPP (New Patriotic Party) promised Ghanaians they were going to give them permanent jobs. This one— is it permanent job? Is that not scam? Is that not deceit to Ghanaians?", he queried.


"You said in one year, Ghanaians would have good jobs, working in factories, working in companies, one million dollars would hit our constituencies and graduates would get jobs. That is what gave Ghanaians the confidence to vote the NPP in,” said the Deputy National Organiser.

“The NPP have decided that they will take Ghanaians for fools. Go and ask Nana Akufo-Addo how much he is paid [and see] whether he would like to say it. Go and ask him how many allowances he takes [and see] whether he would like to say it. Graduates that you want to employ, you’ve already put their pay together and mentioned that they are collecting GHC700", he added.

Akamba made this comments ahead of NDC's Unity Walk expected to take place in Bolgatanga during the weekend.

“Imagine that early in the morning, you dress up and you are going to work as a graduate; every little kid in the street knows that you are going to be paid GHC700. Is it not a shame? Who in this country wants his pay to be known? It’s nasty. You cannot embarrass people, play with their minds and take them for granted. They lied to Ghanaians and succeeded. They didn’t suffer for power. If they had suffered for it, they wouldn’t be handling Ghanaians this way,” added Mr. Akamba.


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