MP accuses Rawlings of shielding corrupt businessman

Speaking on his own FM station Oman FM last Thursday, the populist MP accused Rawling and his wife of using their influence in the Akufo-Addo administration to shield one Traboulsi Marwan, who he accuses of having a ‘dubious’ airport cargo contract.

Describing the contract as "dubious" he was unwavering in his remarks that the contract needs to be reviewed because Mr Marwan was abusing the terms of the contract.

He accused the businessman of "throwing his weight about" at the Airport and preventing national security from entering and searching his Cargo yard “because he is a crony to the former President Rawlings and his wife”.

He claimed: “Traboulsi Marwan, I hear his best friend is former President Rawlings and former first lady. I don’t care about that. I care about Ghana. And this one even NDC members were so p#ssed (sic) because even in their time the way the guy was throwing his weight about. He has been in the system.”

"He (Traboulsi Marwan) doesn’t even allow National Security to enter his compound …. And we (NPP) are also allowing it to continue because he is Ex President Rawlings close friend”

“If it is Rawlings these things happen under him, he will kill him. Even Ghanaians he (Rawlings) killed them, they didn’t even commit the crimes this man is committing."

"He (Traboulsi) is Rawlings’ crony, and so what? Rawlings My foot!”, he thundered.


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