How to get the attention of that guy you have feelings for

When you see a guy you are into make a move it is as simple as that

Okay wait a minute I am gonna show you some of the things you can do to let him know you are feeling him. Try these subtle moves and you will make your intentions known without coming off as a slut.

1. Smile and work the eye contact

This is the first thing you do. Once your faces meet let out a very sweet and warm smile. And subsequently stare at him. Let him see you stare and when your eyes meet smile with your eyes in a warm and kind  way. Do not overdo it though, otherwise you will cross the friendly line to the creepy side.

2. Act coy and blush

This is called the follow up move. After the glances, blush and act coy anytime he catches your eye. Then turn away and smile at nothing or no one in particular. The key word is don’t overdo it.

3. Show your best body feature

Regardless of where you are make sure he sees your best body feature before you part ways. If it is your eyes show them. If it is your curves show them. If is your legs show them. Men are visual beings.

4. Play with yourself

Start touching yourself -I don’t mean masturbate gosh! (you have such a dirty mind lol ). Play with your hair, tickle your neck, run your fingers sensually on your chest, tilt your head back now and then.

5. Act bored

Guys may be intimidated to approach a busy girl. Plus, who wants to interrupt someone’s serious moment. So, if you want him to make a move act idle, play with an object around you. If you act idle or bored in the moment the chances of him approaching you are high

6. Create opportunities for him

Not all guys have the courage to approach a girl they are feeling. So, help a brother out. Walk past him alone and give him a warm smile. Graze against him at the counter and apologize while smile.

Do these and you will attract that guy your are feeling right now.


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