A job that will see you judged by everyone; and has no retirement

"Must the society blindly wait for 'Mothers’ Day' to reward mothers for their sacrifice, determination and servitude?," Pulse Ghana Writer Portia Arthur asks

It widely known that most businessmen fail to hit the jackpot on the first attempt until when, with or without others help, they identify their strengths and weaknesses to outsmart their competitors.

A mother, however, has no trial periods to afford experimentation before she achieves proficiency in the role of nurturing her baby or raising a child – all this against the fact that children will be prone to negative societal influence if the mother is not meticulous.

Popular excuses businesses give include: ‘It’s not our season’, ‘The weather conditions have affected us drastically, sorry for keeping you waiting…’ and these every so often are considered acceptable or normal.

Yet the public scorns mothers at the least unexpected incident that happens to the child. “See how the mother...”

There seems to be nothing wrong when accounts fail to balance or businesses fail to meet targets. Even when students fail in their examinations, teachers - who were entrusted by the parents to teach them - are not blamed. Rather, the parents (mothers) are insensitively questioned: Do they give enough attention to the children when they come home?

‘Children are the future leaders of our country’ as the popular saying goes yet the burden of financing their education often  falls alone on the shoulders of mothers.

Some mothers even sell their garments and other valuables to secure a better future for their children. However, financial institutions are eagerly ready to give loans for ‘failing business’ to revive themselves but the proposal of mothers who need assistance to pay their children’s academic bills are rejected.

There are several awards schemes set up to appreciate and motivate businessmen for their efforts in the society. The dangers and negative effects eliminating from the operations of these businesses have been looked upon. Must the society blindly wait for ‘Mother's’ Day’ to reward mothers for their sacrifice, determination and servitude?

Mothers work effortlessly from January 1 to December 31, 24/7. They neither have  leave days nor pay days; they don't get to embark on adventurous cum business trips where staggering per diems are the order of the day. Mothers don’t receive any allowances or car bonuses and the like. Mothers basically work pro bono.

They are always having their groove on ready for the expected. When school reopens; they are busily shopping for their children, repeated when schools closes because their children have to look presentable and well-dressed.

Mothers can sometimes reach a larger audience than media houses. When their children are graduating from University, they spend their last penny to sew elegant outfits and organise parties for the world to see that their business of investing in their children didn’t fail, unlike other entrepreneurial businesses.

The joy, excitement and self-fulfillment of organising their child’s wedding is remarkable, the magic of seeing a dream come to life. From the phase of being a toddler through to becoming a matured adult ready to face the obstacles of life with their soul mates, mothers are the most accomplished individuals during such marital celebrations because it represents a proud product of their toil of nurturing their offspring.

Just because a mother has reached the menopausal stage doesn’t mean she qualifies for retirement. Another bundle of joy and stress has been unleashed into her life. Nurturing her grandchildren has begun.

Mothers are the ‘jack of all trades and master of all’. Mothers play barbers to their children’s hair when the need arises. They stitch and sew school uniforms and bags. They braid hair, sing lullabies, give first aid, cook mouth-watering delicacies, drive, organize events. They do everything.

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Regardless of their religious affiliations, aged mothers are always praying fervently and interceding for their children; asking for all the good riches and favours.

As mortals, a life well lived calls for proper burial and thanksgiving when she passes on but her ways of getting things accomplished still runs through the family as traditions from generations to generations.

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It is very true what they say; "not every woman can play the role of a mother”. The sacrifice, hard work and enthusiasm of being a mother is priceless and requires someone who is tolerant and patient - just as it is for all businessmen.


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