This is why selfies are bad for your romantic life

Taking a selfie is not a harmless act after all. This research may just make sense to the selfie lovers who are having troubles in their love life.

To the selfie lovers, taking plenty of it can negatively affect your romantic life according to a survey published in Telematics and Informatics.

The first negative effect is jealousy sparked by “excessive individual photo sharing or comments about those pictures”.

The second is “the emerging of an online ideal persona in the picture-taker’s mind that diverges from real life. These conflicts in turn reduce perceived quality of the romantic relationships"

305 adults from Chile  were selected for the survey over a two year period.

“The level of jealousy between romantic partners increased with the amount of selfies that were posted on social-media sites” and “photo-related conflicts as a result of posting selfies.”

It also concluded that the more one post selfies the “more likely it is that they are trying to create an idealized persona of themselves for social-media connections to see.”

So per this research you may want to take it down a notch your level of obsession with taking selfies as it could be the cause of the problems in your romantic relationships.


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