Six men share how they got over a break up

These are the real things that men do to get over a breakup

Anyone you talk to, regardless of their gender, will tell you that breakups are pretty terrible for everyone involved.

More often than not, it's women who get the bad rap for acting "crazy" or some how irrational post-breakup.

But for all who are asking how guys get over breakup, we've got a few for you.

1.Get drunk and call our friends


We have feelings to talk about, and we need booze to lubricate the process. This is how healing begins.

2.Drunkenly make out with random women

Our first attempts at life back in the sexual wild will be awkward.

3.Start to get over it

Eventually, we stop thinking about you all the time. By no coincidence, this sometimes happens around the same time we start to have feelings for other women.


4.Think about our other exes

Thinking about your ex makes you know that you can move on since you've than it before.

5.Upgrade our wardrobes

This is turning into a total transformation. You’re going to regret the day you left us. Now, we’re looking good. Damn good.

6.Something the ex wouldn’t approve of


It’s frustratingly imperative that we prove this ex was a burden to us, holding us back from all our fun-time vices


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