Nana Appiah Kubi, father of actress Rose Mensah popularly known as Kyeiwaa has said that he does not agree with suggestions that his daughter has been disgraced after reports that the man who married her was already married to another woman.

One Florence Kyei, a business woman in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi has said that she is still married to Daniel Akwasi Bronya who tied a knot with Kyeiwaa at Brofoyeduru over the weekend.

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The said lady claims she has two children with Akwasi Bronya and even slept with him the evening after the traditional wedding with Kyeiwaa.

Kyeiwaa’s father, speaking on Neat FM’s indicated that Akwasi has rather disgraced himself; not his daughter.

“How does this disgrace Kyeiwaa or her family? How could Kyeiwaa know that the man is someone’s husband and still go ahead to marry him? May be the man hid something from her. So if someone says this is a disgrace to Kyeiwaa I don’t understand. If the man was truthful to my daughter and she still went ahead to marry him, then you can say it is a disgrace. It is the man who didn’t tell my daughter the truth so if there is any disgrace at all, it is the man who has been disgraced not my daughter”, Nana Appiah Kubi said.

Florence Kyei had said that her husband had told her the marriage was a movie scene. Nana Appiah Kubi dismissed the claims of shooting a movie scene stating that he led the family to give Kyeiwaa’s hand in marriage.

“Yes! It is true Kyeiwaa is my daughter. On Sunday I went with my family as the head with my nephews, my brothers and sisters and the entire family to attend my daughter’s engagement ceremony. My daughter introduced Daniel to me that he has asked for her hand in marriage so my family and the man’s family met for the traditional marriage ceremony. It is a real marriage. It is not a movie,” he said.

According to Nana, Kyeiwaa earlier introduced Akwasi Bronya to him about a month ago that she has met a man who is interested in marrying her.“As tradition demands Kyeiwaa came to my house about a month ago to first introduce Daniel to me in the company of a pregnant woman and another gentleman before the engagement was scheduled for Sunday August 30, 2015 and they were even planning a white wedding on a later date after the engagement,” Nana Appiah Kubi said.