The Centre for Transport Security Dialogue (CETSED) has called on President Akufo-Addo to enforce the legislative instrument that bans the activities of commercial motor riders popularly known as

The are calling on the strict enforcement of LI 2180 (Subsection 128) which prohibits motorcycles and tricycles from registering as commercial operators.

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Mr. Ankoma- Abrokwaa added that years of poor law enforcement, attitudinal deficiency and general indiscipline has resulted in extensive environmental degradation, water pollution, forest depletion etc all costing the nation colossal amounts of money annually. These and other excesses caused by poor and sometimes inadequate law enforcement are what has necessitated this petition calling on the government to strictly enforce the law.

Though the law has been in existence for almost six years, the Motor Traffic and Transport Department has failed woefully to effectively enforce the law. This has resulted in a massive boom in the illegal motorcycle (Okada) operations in major cities while the tricycles thrive in the rural areas.