UvA suggests "fake PhD" Ghanaian gets mental health checked as they squash his "racism" claims

Sebastian Osumanu insists to that he had indeed studied at the University of Amsterdam, but school official suggest he gets checked for "mental" issues.

Earlier reports, which went viral on many Ghanaian media, had stated that 28-year-old Sebastian Roy Osumanu swept 5 awards whiles graduating with a PhD on September 1st, 2017.

However, checks by revealed that the said awards were never granted to Sebastian Osumanu.


The University of Amsterdam told that they had no records of the Ghanaian as a student to even talk of having won the said awards or even the PhD.

The claims by the school were, however, debunked by Sebastian, who, in a phone conversation with, maintained that he had INDEED attended the university and was awarded the said degree and awards.

Sebastian told that he had developed some personal issues with official from the UvA and this could have been what caused the University to deny any knowledge of him.

In his explanation, the 28-year-old suggested that his achievements as a black in Netherlands might have upset the "white" people of the school who might now be plotting to bring him down due to racism.

The Ghanaian also told, during his time at UvA, some lecturers of the school had asked him to "introduce them to Black" women and when he duly refused, they took it up against him and could also be up in arms against him with the school.


Sebastian also told Pulse that he was offered a position by the school as a lecturer after the successful completion of his studies, but when he refused, he saw that it had created a rift between him and the institution.

This particular comment was also corroborated by the account of one Laureet Ozmadeen, who replied to a post by on Facebook.

In her comment, Ozmadeen said, "OK. You chose not to lecture and now UvA turn back on you...Sir Sebastian just do not believe this and move on".

Armed with these statements and accusations against UvA, reached out to the school once again to seek clarification on the claims.

The Press Office of the school maintained their position that they had no records of Sebastian Osumanu ever having "being a student or worker" at the instution.


Speaking to the claims of racism, the school stated that they were "preposterous" and untrue.

"We would suggest that Sebastian Osumanu be offered mental healthcare", the school told Pulse in relation to the 3 accusations levelled against them by Sebastian Osumanu.

On the other accusations of Sebastian being forced by some lecturers who asked him for African girls, the schools stated that "they would not dignify those claims with a response".

The Press Office of UvA stated that, Sebastian Osumanu be made to provide his letter of acceptance into UvA amongst other things so as to bring some evidence to back his claims.


It would seem that Sebastian Osumanu indeed DID NOT study at University of Amsterdam, but for some reasons is keen on presenting himself as a student of the institution, who has won these said 5 PhD awards amongst other laurels.


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