A star of Ghana's women's football team has had enough of inequality

Attacker Sherifatu Sumaila took to her Facebook wall to pour out her frustration at the gap between themselves and their male counterparts in the Black Stars.

"This is the first and last time I will be speaking about this kind of despicable discrimination. As you all know I don’t butt in on matters of the Ghana Women’s Football.

It’s a waste of time and mind abuse Cos no one listens. But I don’t think I can hold it in anymore cos right now am overflowing with a lot of things to say. To the higher ups please take out a tiny bit of attention from the Men’s and give it to the Ladies who toil to represent their country.

Most of us have never been to CAF awards and would love to just attend someday but the fact that this ceremony was held in Ghana was the best opportunity for some of us to witness. But to our surprise no one was invited from the Women’s National Team.


I have no interest in stuff like that and maybe others feel the same way too but at least just pretend that you Care and send out a few invitations. Is it because none of us have ever played for Chelsea or Liverpool Ladies? Or is it because we don’t do well in competitions? Anyways who’s fault is that?

You treat us like we are your half brothers. If you treat the youth teams that way it’s a little understandable but the Black Queens and Black Stars are equal in regard. But why is one party treated differently than the other. To be honest Black Stars and no better than Black Queens competition wise.

So why are they treated so well. We don’t expect equal treatment but we ask for no more than a little attention. Black Stars stay in hotels and practice on better fields and eat better food everyday. Black Queens eat the same meals over and over and practice on crappy fields but no one has ever complained.

We are just happy to represent our country regardless of those harsh conditions. Do you know how many have ended their career due to playing on those crappy fields? Twisted ankles and knees what do you have to say about those. Still no one complains.

Talking about uniforms, aren’t you ashamed when you see our maidens and Queens dressed in Men’s uniforms? If you look at other countries women’s uniforms you will know what am talking about. Just because you don’t want to spend a little money to order Women’s stuff, you pass out what’s left of the Men’s uniforms to the women’s.


That money doesn’t belong to anyone. It was given in the name of the women’s team so why do you spend it on the Men’s team? Tsk tsk tsk tsk what a pity. And you expect a good performance in return. Have some pride at least. In this life you reap what you sow.

If you sow corn don’t expect to reap rice cos that would be greedy. Other countries use us as a means to boost their teams morale so they call for friendly games when we are least prepared. When we are very prepared no one can afford to sponsor a friendly game.

To be honest we are not used to games like that, so when ever we are presented one the nerves take over. To us, it’s overrated cos our higher ups can’t afford to get us game like that. We need those kinds of challenges grow out of our comfort zones. We are never really presented any proper challenges during preparations for tournaments.

We play and trash our local teams and feel really good about ourselves not knowing what’s really out there. We have to experience what we are likely to face out there in order to stop feeling complacent about ourselves when ever we beat our local teams.

Please look at our predecessors. They can’t brag about ever playing for the National team. They have nothing to show for it and their names are fading really fast. So what’s the point of accepting these harsh conditions?


We do this so that one day people will remember our names and appreciate our efforts for our country. To our predecessors even if no one regard or respect you, we will never forget your efforts cos it takes a player to know a player. Don’t you see no one wants to risk anything to play for country anymore?

Cos nothing good never comes out of it. If a mouse is cornered, then it has no choice than to bite back. All we ask for is, treat us a little better and we shall return the favor. “An eye for an eye” “A tooth for a tooth.” I already know that I wasted my mind and abused my brain cos no one ever listens. Don’t worry I have nothing better to do anyways.


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