Opponents of the Ghana-US military cooperation deal say they will organise

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It convener, who also doubles as the chairman of the People’s National Convention, Bernard Mornah, said they are left with no choice but to continue protesting against the deal.

The military agreement gives the "unimpeded access" to Unites States military, runways and communications.

At a news conference, he said: "The shambolic national address leaves with no choice but to continue our campaign of demonstrations."

“We cherish our sovereignty and will jealously guard it."

President Akufo-Addo on Thursday took swipe at "leading political actors" of deceiving Ghanaians on the matter.

Sounding angry at times during his address, he called them "reckless self-seekers" who are bent on destabilising the country.


He assured in his address that Ghana will not give the US a military base despite the latter having "unimpeded access" to agreed facilities in the deal.