Cheating men tell women why they cheat

Why do men cheat? Men cheat for various reasons. From sex to peer pressure and just for fun, some cheating men tell us why they cheat.

Men in recent age have tried and despite a lack of someone beating King Solomon’s record in the books, cheating is on the rampage more than ever.

The reasons for why men cheat are divided in opinion and we take you through some perspectives from cheating men.

Most men don’t cheat because they have been seduced by a sexy young woman with perky breast and curves.

Dozens of reasons known to these men only, cause them to cheat on the perfect wives.

So why are men so unfaithful? has interviewed some men asking them this, though we have provided anonymity for their own protection.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but certainly not something many can do without. It is the glue that solidifies the couple in holy matrimony for pleasure and procreation. The Holy Book cements the need for couples to have passionate sex - if all things are equal, but some men who spoke to blame a lack of sex on their cheating ways.

“My wife has a sex calendar, unbelievable here in Ghana but we get to have instructional sex twice every month. She dictates where I should touch, what pace and when to stop. She left me no other option than to cheat with someone who understands some sexual needs”.

“Birds of the same friends flock together”. Hanging around friends who cheat for reasons probably not know makes cheating seem a normal and legit thing to do.

“We are a circle of friends; almost all of us are managers. Every weekend we hang out this place where everybody brings his girlfriends. Couple of guys hooked me up but I rejected and slept alone in hotel rooms when we embarked on weekend trips across the country. I found myself a mistress, who loves me more than my wife, I guess”.

Men are naturally like babies who need constant attention and cuddling.

“My wife is always with her laptop and phones. We don’t get to talk for five minutes without her fidgeting with her phone.

“Ever since her mother came to stay over, she has even stopped preparing breakfast, no more Sunday family lunch; my wife is married to her career. I have only found a mistress who treats me as man and serves me well.

“I have rented a place for her; I leave the house very early, pass by her place for breakfast and visit her in the evening for my supper. I go home just to sleep and take care of my kids”.

Since first impression really counts, when a man asks a woman out on a date, she tries to look casual and chic, very presentable to impress the man.

Sooner or later, when they tie the knot, she stops wearing the sexy outfits, working out, going to the saloon weekly looking ten years older than her age.

“I can’t take my wife to corporate gathering anymore because I am shy of her figure and what the boys will say afterwards.”

No man under the right mind will marry his enemy. People marry because they love each other. As the years go by and the family expands, with grandchildren coming into the picture, some men go on dates with younger women to exploit the sex world and probably enjoy with their wives.

“We have been married for 25 years. I really love my wife but once in a while, I go wayward to energise my battery. These generational ladies and their wild sex positions are very daring, you can’t ignore. I feel guilt afterwards but all for the greater good of our marriage”.

Men have different reasons for cheating and not limited to the comments in the story. Infidelity could also have personal meanings to different people across the globe as betrayal lies in the eye of the beholder.

For a general consensus, Infidelity can be defined as a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity according to Wikipedia.

So the next time you decide to cheat, remember, just be exclusive.


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