Six things you didn't know about Luis Suarez

Six things you didn't know about Uruguay striker Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Used to Sweep the Streets of Montevideo before Becoming a Professional Player

Though he has been a millionaire for most of his adult life, his wallet wasn’t always so padded. Growing up, he would sweep the streets of the Uruguayan capital. But he would still practice his soccer skills while he was on the job.

He Is Married to His Childhood Sweetheart

Her name is Sofia Balbi and they have been married since 2009. He actually took her out on their first date after saving up a little extra money from his street sweeping gig.


His Brother Paolo Is Also a Professional Soccer Player

Luis is one of seven brothers, and both he and Paolo are currently professional players. Paolo plays for a club called Sonsonate in El Salvador.

He Is the Second of Barcelona’s Luis Suarez’s

The Spanish national Luis Suarez Miramontes also played for the world famous club back in the 1950s and 1960s.  The first Suarez scored over sixty goals for the team – but the current Luis will surely outshine him by the end of his career.

He Has Two Nicknames


They are El Pistolero – which means “the gunfighter” an El Conejo – “the rabbit.” Judging by his reputation, the first suits him better.

He’s Been a Biter for Years

Many soccer fans – even the most casual of fans – will know about Suarez’s history of biting other players in matches.  But most don’t know that he has been an unwieldy player from a young age since he got a red card after headbutting a referee at age 16.


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