10 Ghanaian Celebrities who lost fan love and relevance due to politics

In the intricate dance between fame and politics, not every Ghanaian celebrity who steps into the political arena emerges unscathed.

Agya Koo

While the allure of political influence is undeniable, the transition can be perilous, leading some to find their entertainment careers dimmed or derailed.

In the lead-up to the 2024 general elections, has delved into the stories of 10 Ghanaian celebrities who experienced a significant impact on their careers after venturing into politics. This exploration sheds light on the complexities of balancing public affection with political aspirations.

  1. Agya Koo - Once the undisputed king of Ghanaian comedy and film, Agya Koo's outspoken support for a political party saw a segment of his fan base turn away, leading to fewer roles and a noticeable dip in his once-thriving career.
  2. Lucky Mensah - A celebrated highlife musician, Lucky Mensah's political endorsements were met with mixed reactions from the public. His active participation in political campaigns resulted in a decline in his musical engagements and popularity among a section of his fans.
  3. Mzbel - Known for her captivating music and unique style, Mzbel's political affiliations have often overshadowed her musical career, causing a divide among her fans and impacting her presence in the music scene.
  4. Daddy Lumba - A legendary figure in Ghanaian music, Daddy Lumba's involvement in political campaigns and endorsements led to polarized views among his fans, affecting his universal appeal and, subsequently, his career trajectory.
  5. John Dumelo - While not entirely a downfall, John Dumelo's venture into politics has seen him take a step back from acting, a field where he was once a rising star. His political ambitions have overshadowed his acting career, leaving fans wondering about what could have been.
  6. Kwabena Kwabena - The silky-voiced singer's career took a hit after his political songs and affiliations became a focal point, overshadowing his musical talents and leading to a decrease in his mainstream appeal.
  7. Sidiku Buari - The former president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and celebrated musician experienced a shift in public perception due to his political engagements, which many believe affected his musical legacy.
  8. Diamond Appiah - Attempting to transition from music to politics, Diamond Appiah's unsuccessful bid for a parliamentary seat not only halted her political aspirations but also put a damper on her entertainment career.
  9. Seth Kwame Dzokoto - Known for his comedic roles, Dzokoto's venture into politics was met with skepticism, affecting his relatability and leading to a downturn in his acting career.
  10. Praye Tietia - Part of the popular hiplife trio Praye, Tietia's foray into politics has seen him less active in the music scene, impacting the group's dynamic and his career as a musician.

The intersection of entertainment and politics in Ghana presents a unique challenge for celebrities who wish to engage in both fields. While the desire to contribute to political discourse and national development is commendable, the ramifications on their careers in entertainment are undeniable.

These stories serve as a testament to the complex relationship between celebrity influence and political involvement. As Ghana continues to evolve, the experiences of these individuals offer valuable lessons on the delicate balance required to navigate both worlds successfully.


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