6 Times Fella Makafui was in the news for bad reasons

6 Times YOLO actress Fella Makafui was in the news for bad reasons

Fella Makafui

The sudden break up between rapper Medikal and his ex girlfriend Sister Deborah got people puzzled till the rapper changed the status of Fella Makafui from 'bestie' to 'girlfriend'. This information brought a whole lot of controversies. But that is how Fella Makafui has been recently. The actress is always in the news.

Here are 6 times Fella Makafui has been on the news for bad reasons.

Efia Odo beef

This argument started when Efia Odo claimed Fella was a cheap girl who sleeps with politicians and other rich men in society for money and other material stuff. She even alleged Fella Makafui, the YOLO star actress has slept with Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, Sister Debby’s boyfriend even before it happened and that she is equally fake including her big butt,


Fella Makafui in her defense on Snapchat revealed that Ghanaians should ignore Efia Odo because although she looks old, she has the brain of a child so people should not take her seriously.

Efia Odo and Fella Makafui were actually very close friends who had been spotted at several places chilling together but according to Efia Odo, she fell out with Fella because she went about gossiping about her to others. She claims Fella said something nasty about her to others and she heard about it and that ended their friendship.

She explained that although she was angry about what she claims Fella Makafui had done, she kept quiet. But two things Fella Makafui had done recently pushed her to come out and expose the young lady for who she is.

She said the actress posted a picture of her new wine shop and asked her followers to work hard and not take money from any sugar daddy when it was speculated that was how she gained her businesses in the first place. Sleeping with men.

When she disclosed she prays naked


Fella who seems to be the only one from the youth series, YOLO to have made it big businesswise made a disclosure while speaking at an event and shared that there is the need for people to have faith and believe that God can do more than they can think of. She said her secret in life has been prayer.

“I will share a secret with you. I wake up at night to pray. I strip naked and read some bible verses and pray to ask God for all the things I need and that has kept me going,” the actress said..

This revelation caused a lot of controversies. People who had believed she got her wealth from men used that moment to call her a hypocrite ad what-not.

When she snatched Medikal from Sister Deborah

Fella Makafui got one over Sister Derby and grabbed her man. Usually, people hide in the dark feeling ashamed of breaking people's relationship. Instead, Fella was everywhere, proudly flaunting the new man we all saw her sneakily grab from the musician.


The actress felt no remorse for what happened, she even found the time to mock Sis Derby after what she had done to her, which may be believed as a petty act.

It was alleged that Fella managed to snatch Medikal by displaying her cooking skills, which Derby practically did not possess, and she took the chance to rub that in the musician's face.

When she dragged Sandra Ankobia into her drama.

Fella dishonorably went to say that Sandra Ankobiah is a boyfriend snatcher like her and yet no one is talking about her, implying that some double standards are being applied by the public and bloggers in dealing with boyfriend or husband snatching stories.

The actress reached out to a blogger and claimed that the page once took down a story about Sandra Ankobiah allegedly snatching someone’s boyfriend, therefore she was also calling for her stories about allegedly snatching Medikal to be taken down.


The blogger replied that there was no evidence attached to re’s absolutely zero truth to the lawyer Sandra Ankobiah snatching a man known as Boat from another lady, which is why they took it down.

Ex lover snatches properties from her

Looks like not everyone was happy about the relationship between Fella Makafui and AMG rapper Medikal. The YOLO actress's ex boyfriend was clearly not in support either.

The couple have been the talk of the town after their “just friends” relationship quickly turned into a love relationship so its not surprising that her ex lover heard the news.

Since Fella made it to the limelight, she has never spoken about her boyfriend or her relationship but there were some people who revealed that she sleeps around with big men who in exchange gifts her whatever she wants that was why she was always living a classy lifestyle.


It seems Sister Debby is not the only ex peeved with the relationship between Fella and Medikal but the ex-boyfriend of the “YOLO” actress is also mad that he has been dumped.

In a video circulating, some group of guys seized Fella Makafui’s cars in front of her 'self-made' wine shop which according to sources was led by the ex-boyfriend of the actress.

Sex tape leak

Fella came under the spotlight following reports that her sex tape had been leaked by her ex on social media.

A sex tape purported to be that of the actress and her ex-boyfriend began circulating on social media, with many immediately linking the lady in the video to the actress.


Fella Makafui and her management later denied that she was the lady in the video, pointing to the fact that it was a calculated attempt to cause disaffection for her. In a statement, the actress said the video should be disregarded insisting it is obvious some “evil minds” that want to destroy her reputation.

However, in an attempt to further clear her name, the YOLO actress had opted to show part of her body closer to her butt to prove that she is not the lady in the leaked sex video.


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