You are bitter because you couldn’t get star-treatment; Party organizers reply Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor called out organizers of a party he attended in Ghana for giving him his worst party experience ever and the organizers have responded to what happened.

Emmanuel Adebayor

According to the Togolese striker, the party (Little Havana) which happens annually in Aburi, failed to live up to the task. “Last night I went to the #AllWhiteParty in Eburi, not gonna lie, it was the worst party I’ve ever been to,” he lamented.

Detailing what looks like a ‘rich people problem’ that he experienced at the party, Adebayor said the services from the organizers were so poor that his crew couldn’t even get a table. "You know I love GH and I support all African initiatives, but when it’s not right, I gotta say it. I got there with my crew: NO service, NO Table. It was sh*t. Total Scam" he tweeted.


His comment sparked a trend on Twitter and attracting a reply from the organizers, with one stating that Adebayor is only expressing bitterness because he showed up at the party without making any reservation ahead of time yet when he reached there, he wanted to be treated like a star.

One of the organizers who spoke exclusively to mentioned that the team expressed readiness to be hospitable with the footballer but he was reluctant to make a financial commitment to the request he was making.

He wanted to sit a particular place which has already been occupied and he wasn’t ready to pay upfront,” he said and emphasized that the party was, however, a good one which had other popular Ghanaian faces present.


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