Director didn't speak to Adjetey Annan for 6 years after he messed up her play

Renowned actor Adjetey Annan recently recounted a significant misstep in his career that led to a director refusing to speak to him for six years.

Adjetey Annan Shares How Director Shunned Him for 6 Years After Stage Blunder

Speaking at the EMY Africa Expo on the topic of "Inspiring Greatness," on June 14, 2024, Annan shared a personal anecdote that highlighted the importance of professionalism and preparedness in the entertainment industry.

During his address, Annan described a critical error he made early in his career while participating in a production. He arrived late, approximately 30 minutes before the play was set to begin, rather than the hours in advance he was instructed to. Exhausted, Annan went backstage to rest and unintentionally fell asleep.

The play commenced, and it wasn't until his cue that the absence of Annan became glaringly evident. A crew member rushed backstage and found him fast asleep. Jolted awake and completely disoriented, Annan hurried to the stage, only to realize he had forgotten his lines. The actor he was supposed to interact with had to whisper the lines to him twice before Annan could proceed.

The performance suffered due to Annan's blunder, and the director, Doris, was visibly furious. When the play concluded and the cast gathered for congratulations, she bypassed Annan entirely. This incident left a lasting impact on their professional relationship, with Doris refusing to speak to him for six years.

Reflecting on the aftermath, Annan expressed his deep regret and acknowledged the disappointment he felt for both himself and the audience who had come to see him perform. His struggle on stage and the subsequent silence from Doris served as a stark lesson in the importance of dedication and punctuality in his craft.

It wasn't until six years later, during a chance encounter at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, that Doris spoke to him again. She offered a simple but encouraging remark, "Young man, you are doing well, keep it up," seemingly putting the past behind them.

Annan reminded the audience of the importance of learning from mistakes and striving for excellence despite setbacks.


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