Afronita left DWP because her mother couldn't endure Endurance - Quables (VIDEO)

Quables has opened DWP Academy's Pandora's box, revealing hidden disagreements and feuds between some members of the dance group.

Afronita left DWP Academy because of Endurance - Quables (VIDEO)

Months after the co-founder of DWP, Dancegod Lloyd, controversially left the popular Ghanaian dance group, lead dancer Afronitita also announced her departure.

According to the dancer, whose real name is Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah, she left the group to pursue individual goals. However, in a new revelation by Quables, who is the manager of DWP, internal conflicts forced Afronita to depart.

Speaking to Kwadwo Sheldon during an interview, he accused Afronita's mother of playing a significant role that eventually led to her departure from the group.


Talking about Dancegod Lloyd and Afronita, he said "they never signed the contract" to be part of the group. "They didn't want to sign, so I told myself I would not even do it again, but I literally took the girl as my sister," Quables added.

During the interview, he continued, "her mum told me that people tell her this is what a manager is supposed to do and I have bought clothes for her daughter only once. I am like I am not supposed to be buying clothes for your daughter."

Addressing why Afronita eventually left the group, he mentioned it is also related to Endurance Grand, who is another female lead dancer in the group.

"I was told that I will manage Endurance, then her daughter will not do it again ... bro, so there are so many things. How do you tell me this?" Quablesquizzed, in the video below.


The comment has since sparked a myriad of mixed reactions online as this comes as a shock to many. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


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