Just Because Some Celebrities Bleach, Doesn't Mean You Should Copy

It is disheartening that even with our beautiful dark skin, some Africans,especially celebrities, bleach their skin

Ama K Abebrese has publicly shunned this behavior and has started a campaign to sensitize people against it, through her Anti Bleaching campaign dubbed “I love my natural skin tone”.

She aims to make people understand that we come in different skin tones but we must love and embrace our natural colour. Speaking with, Ama K talks more about her campaign, “I have been thinking about starting this campaign number of years but I finally launched it last year. The main idea of this campaign is to create awareness on skin bleaching. I feel society needs to talk more about skin bleaching or toning as they call it now, because it is really going on in the society”.

“The main part of this project is to get more people talking about skin bleaching and its effect, to tell the youth to be confident in their natural skin and to embrace how their skin tone is”. Ama K continued “I have been to several schools and have been invited to several other schools to address this issue starting from the youth.” “This campaign is a year, my team and I have a lot of task ahead us, the most important thing is to encourage the youth to love their self above all things and to embrace their natural skin colour”.

Asked what she thinks about celebrities who engaged in skin bleaching, Ama K said, “I think people missed the whole point, when they want to point fingers. OK so because some celebrities do this it does not give an excuse for you to copy their act. People biggest influence is from home, so if your mother or aunt bleaches their skin you would definitely pick it up. If you wanna look at people on TV and say they are the reason you would want to bleach, that is far from it”. She also disclosed that “bleaching is everywhere so I don’t think we should focus on celebrities. I don’t think we should start from the celebrities; the most important is from the youth. Celebrities and adult themselves have done it already and we should start from the youth as they are the root”.


“Especially when you hear stories of girls in secondary schools rather adopting this act and when they enter universities it get worse” Miss Ama k ended by saying “we are trying to create awareness and hopefully in the next generation the youth will have confident in their natural colour and we are not here to point fingers because everybody has a reason for bleaching their skin”.


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