BBTitans: Yemi friendzones Khosi days after cosy kiss

All we can say is, men will stain your white...

Yemi and Khosi [Valid Updates]

Yemi Cregx has extended the hand of friendship to fellow housemate Khosi.

This is a surprising turn of events, as the duo's name has been on everyone's lips, with the hope that they form a defined relationship.

In a chat between the duo, Yemi plainly asks Khosi to be friends with him, forfeiting any form of emotional connection, but Khosi declines, saying she cannot be friends with him and they'd rather be housemates.


Yemi and Khosi were the first to display any form of chemistry in Biggie's house and the first to even share a kiss.

Their show of affection started from the first day on the show. On the opening night, Yemi helped Khosi fix her earrings in an endearing manner, which got social media users looking out for what was to come from them.

Even with this development, you never know what will happen with the duo. The housemates, like Big Brother, will pull several twists and turns that will undoubtedly keep us entertained.


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