Tiger nuts doesn't boost potency; coconut water does - Captain Smart claims

Prominent Ghanaian media personality, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly known as Captain Smart, has challenged the widespread belief linking tiger nuts to male potency.

Captain Smart

Tiger nuts, also recognized as "chufa" or "earth almonds," have been traditionally associated with various health benefits, but Captain Smart contends that the claims regarding their effectiveness in enhancing male virility lack a solid foundation.

During his appearance as a guest on TV3’s Ladies Circle, Captain Smart redirected the focus from tiger nuts to coconut water, highlighting the latter as a more credible factor contributing to potency.

The outspoken radio and TV host stressed the importance of relying on scientific evidence and medical expertise in matters related to health.


"People have misconceptions about what we call ‘Atadwe’ (Tiger Nuts). Atadwe has no connection to potency. What genuinely enhances male potency is coconut water. That is what makes you perform well in bed," he stated.

While acknowledging the nutritional value of tiger nuts, he emphasized that there is no substantiated scientific support for the notion that they directly impact male potency.


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