Veteran gospel music duo, Tagoe Sisters, have denied endorsing products by Kasapreko Company Limited.

A publication by said Tagoe Sisters promoted two Kasapreko drinks: ‘Kasa Virgin – Lime Cordial’ and ‘Carnival Strawberry’ at a party organised by Kasapreko for newly elected executives of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

But speaking to Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, , the sisters debunked the claim saying, they never endorsed any product.

“It happened that Kasapreko organised a party for newly elected MUSIGA executives. We were present. There was alcohol and water but because we are Christians, we could not take that so they told us they would give us their new non-alcoholic product called Virgin. I therefore told the ladies around that they could take that drink since it doesn’t contain alcohol. That’s all I said. We never endorsed it. It was not even on record. I was talking to the ladies around,” the eldest said.

Asked if the publication has soiled their image, the group replied in the negative.

“I’m sure those who know Tagoe Sisters treated the story with the contempt it deserved. We’ve been in this industry for long. We will never endorse any alcoholic beverage. For what?”

On whether they would agree to endorse the non-alcoholic beverage should Kasapreko approach them, the response was, “Because of what has happened, we won’t consider. Even when we hadn’t endorsed, see what is reported; how much more endorsing it officially? That is even out of the question.”